About Us

WVRPC History

WVRPC is a female owned agency that was launched in 1993 to fill a need that catered to individuals who were not a Fortune 500 company but dreamed big enough to want the very best.

WVRPC handles companies from Start Up to Globally recognized firms and has a long list of clients who have remained with WVRPC since signing on with them.

Exciting News

WVRPC owns and operates over one hundred domains with matching social media accounts to aid our clients and their products tp get into the hands and homes of consumers faster.

WVRPC's websites are highly respected and never post scandal or vile gossip stories/images of public figures. The products promoted on these sites are top notch from highly respected companies.  Many of the new products and artists promoted on WVRPC's sites over the years have gone on to win multiple awards and a number of the artists have landed film/tv contracts.

Closing the Deal

This is the ultimate end game for any product or person -- Closing the Deal and getting your product or your services to the consumer.  

At WVRPC we take great pride in making this happen!